Saturday, 24 December 2016

When everything is perfect

When everything is perfect
a calmness attained
I hear a slight disturbance
a broken silence
a wilted gasp
something has escaped
from within
I can sense it's darkness
sitting in a corner
peering at me
with its anticipating look
asking for my attention
hoping for a glance
to acknowledge its presence
but I won't
I know it is right there
I can feel it's gaze
following me
touching me
piercing through me
but I'll ignore
and let it stay
feed on my ignorance
let it grow
more and more

until there is no room
for anything else
a sceptical
weighs me down
until there is no room
not even for

22 12 '16

Friday, 30 September 2016


time revolves to return and halt
it falls and breaks to a satiated memory 
which can no more count
no more depart
or withstand the vast void
which lies between
inhale and exhale

a nascent caught amid the present iteration 
leaping into the darkness of anomaly
a constant struggle
a constant
that moment distracting
unconscious from conscious
that unprecedented moment
yet not present
it hides and slips into a perpetual flux 
where it tends to meet with eagerness 
and stay
still moving and flickering, 
unnoticed, unattended
at times a glimpse,
a flash

kicking a stone to and fro,
touching the surface of the moving river

where does it rest?
a time which doesn’t catch attention 
when lost in thoughts,
when not conscious to care
slowly and secretly elopes 
into the open

Time revolves to return and escape. 
(2 12 ’15)


can easy success bring satisfaction?
not now
not for me,

standing at the threshold
a push is enough
in either direction
just a blow of wind
if not a storm
just a lightening at midnight
if not the rising sun
just dried eyes
if not a smile

can a fake smile bring satisfaction?
not now
not for me,

listening in the darkness
when all has slept
a whisper is enough
just a distant rustle
if not a song
just the smell of ink
if not a poem
just a reflection in the mirror
if not the self

can just bring satisfaction?
not now
not for me.