Wednesday, 25 July 2018

memory of light

I sit and stare at the passing clouds
over Treis Elies
while the sun revolves
around the orbit of my
still body.
silence is broken
only by an itching throat,
I cough
and wave the silence around me
it mutates and dances
sometimes as the sweet smell of pine trees
or as a distant whistling of the wind

time is nothing
but a memory of light
days, dates and hours
are lost in this memory
what remains?
a cup of dusk at the cafe
or a walk in dense darkness

while my eyes wake up 
to the flooding light
the wings of a fly
echo in the silence
they carry a memory
of today
embedded permanently
in my conscious

it is good at times
to miss a bus or catch a wrong one
to encounter things
outside the prescription of life